1.What is our wig/cap size?

Our wigs come in 2 sizes, Adults (55 cm) and Kids (52 cm), each with an adjustable belt on the cap for fine adjustment and comfort. Please refer to our size chart.

2.What fibre/material is used?

For Fancy colours, we offer synthetic fibres which are vibrant shades and exquisite luster. 

N.B unless the product is described as 'high heat' or 'real hair', you must not use any curlers, straighteners or hair dryers, as it will melt the fibres.

3.How do I style my wig?

You can use a brush or your fingers if it is a curly style. Your wig comes in a basic style but the looks you can achieve through styling are endless. For example, if you want extra volume or height, try teasing or back combing. 

4.Can I use regular styling products on my wig?

Yes, use a moderate amount and style as desired.

5.How often do I wash my wig?

It largely depends on the individual – for example, do you wear it outdoors (dust, sweat etc) or indoors? In general, we recommend a wash after wearing it around 10 times.

6.How long will it take to receive my order?

Please see DELIVERY.

7.How do I exchange an item or request for a refund?


8.What should I do if I forgot My Password?


9.Can I cancel a pending order?

Yes, please contact us via the 'contact us' page with your reason for cancelling and we will assist.

10.Why was my credit card declined?

A number of things can cause this to happen, such as an incorrect card number or expiry date. Please do input information again or try with another card if available.


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